Växjö, Pelikanen

Kv. Pelikanen

Armborstvägen, Växjö


K-properties will come to Armborstvägen in Växjö!

Here, K-Fastigheter will build 3-point houses in the southern terrain (built in slope) with a total of 54 apartments.

From the apartments, the tenant will be close to both bus, school and church!
From the bus stop it is less than 15 min to Växjö station.

In the point houses there will be 2 ROK of 62 square meters and 3 ROK of 71 square meters.

Planned occupancy is September, October and November 2020.

NOTE. There are sample pictures in this property.

Property designation
Kv. Pelikanen
Street address
Armborstvägen, Växjö

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