Hässleholm, Centrum

Kv. Skräddaren 11

Godtemplaregatan, Hässleholm

Rental & Commercial property, Godtemplaregatan, Hässleholm

A centrally located property in Hässleholm on Godtemplaregatan and Östergatan, close to the trade in the center and within walking distance to green areas in the homeland park.
The property consists of rental apartments in sizes 2 RoK & 3 RoK and 1 room.
The apartments have a private balcony and laundry room on the basement level.

K-fastigheter is carrying out ongoing renovations in this property. We are doing a complete renovation that corresponds to K-fastigheter's standard for new production. New floor throughout oak parquet, tiles in the bathroom, tiles in the entrance, white painted walls, new moldings, new interior doors, white kitchen from Ballingslöv's kitchen, stone countertop, new bathroom fittings and if space is installed by washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and microwave.

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Property designation
Kv. Skräddaren 11
Street address
Godtemplaregatan 21-25
Östergatan 24-32
Types of homes
2 rok
3 rok
Godtemplaregatan, Hässleholm

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